“This weekend we attended a very special event. A charity dinner put on by FAMILY TIES & Friends. Saturday’s proceeds are going to LIFTING HEARTS BREAST CANCER SUPPORT GROUP

Lifting Hearts is a group of 500-600 beautiful ladies. I call my Pink Sisters. You see I’m a 3 year Breast Cancer survivor… I have a lot of family and Friends that love and support me but I found that when going through Breast Cancer it’s extremely important to have friends that really knows what you are going through. That my friends can only be another pink sister.

Travis Haslam I wanted to thank you and your family for a wonderful evening.
Saturday’s dinner was a very special evening for me!

Travis you will forever hold a special place in my ❤️ Heart. I believe a Higher power sent me to you when I needed you the most. A dear friend of mine Susan McAfee Davis gave me your number so that I could contact you in order to get my hair done. Little did I know that you would be the Healing angel, hair stylist , therapist, friend that I needed…

I came to you a day or so after I was diagnosed with breast cancer you could tell that there was something going on with me and you ask me if I was OK I explained that I had just been diagnosed with breast cancer you put your arms around me and said welcome to my healing chair.. You hugged me tight while we both cried.

Thank you my dear friend. I love you.







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