I was just reading an interesting article about Obesity.  I found this article on the Komen website.  Here is just a small quote:

“BMI is a measure of obesity based on height and weight. Individuals with a BMI of 30 or higher are considered obese. Researchers calculated the BMI and estrogen levels for all women in the study at baseline and found that obese women had higher estrogen levels than women of normal weight. In fact, those with a BMI ranging between 30 and 35 had circulating estrogen levels that were three times higher than women with a BMI of less than 25.”

3 times higher?!  That’s crazy.  This Obesity epidemic is very real, and I’m concerned about it.  6 months ago, I was considered very obese.  At 236 pounds (5’6″), I was finding it hard to exercise, or feel good at all. My BMI was 38! The after affects of chemo didn’t help.  I’ve recently lost 70 pounds, and I feel so much better now.  The thing that makes me feel the most relieved is that I’ve lowered my risk of recurrence! (which is the reason I worked so hard to lose the weight)  Obesity is a leading cause of breast cancer and recurrence, so if you have some weight to lose – do it!

Both Colette and I are health coaches with a company that helped us lose our extra, unhealthy weight.  If you’d like to talk to one of us, please contact us.  Our contact information can be found on the right side bar under “Contact Us”.  Or, if you would rather find your own way to lose the weight and get healthy, that’s great!  Whatever you do, though, make sure it’s TOP on your priority list.

Here is the link for the article, if you’d like to read more:


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