Welcome to Lifting Hearts Breast Cancer Support Group.

Lifting Hearts Breast Cancer Support Group

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A few fun facts about Lifting Hearts:

1.  Lifting Hearts was Founded by 3 survivors – Kara Herron, Colette Harris, and Bethanie Newby

2.  We have monthly support meetings.  At those meeting, we get together with other survivors, and have classes, and do service projects.

3.  We typically host several events during the year – a Celebration of Life in May, a family picnic in August, and a Christmas party in December.

4 .  The community has been so helpful – many Eagle Scouts and women’s group around the state have contributed to our Lifting Hearts Comfort Items.  We have fleece blankets for chemo patients, heart shaped pillows for surgery patients (for padding around surgical sights), rice warming bags for aches and pains, and care bags for chemo and radiation patients.  We supply several doctors offices and chemo/radiation centers.

5.  We have a one-on-one mentoring program called Bosom Buddies that several of our long-time survivors help with.

6.  We host two Healing retreats each year.  These are held at a beautiful cabin in Heber, Utah.  We take 20 survivors at a time – in April and in November.  The retreats are Thurs-Sat, and focus on healing and moving forward.  We hold several classes, and do art projects.  There is a day of pampering, and professional pictures taken.  These retreats are FREE to survivors.

Our group runs on donations from the community, and doctors’ offices.  We are always looking for sponsors for our meetings, events, and retreats.

If you’d like to find us on facebook, click on the FB button on the right.  Our facebook group is a private group for survivors only, but we’ve also got a group for caregivers – friends and family members of survivors:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/398861510303528/.

Here is our Facebook Fan Page – Join US!  https://www.facebook.com/LiftingHeartsFanPage

If you are interested in donating to our group, please go to our donation page here:

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We are a 501c3 legal non-profit.  For tax purposes, our tax ID number is: 45-3266218

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